Industries & Applications / London

FABberz works with clients from a wide range of industries and backgrounds.  Our goal is to help simplify the process of making your ideas come to life, by offering affordable and convenient digital fabrication and printing services.  Our lab in London offers laser cutting & engraving, large format printing, high quality 3d printing, and expert design/CAD services. Tell us about your ideas and we'll make them happen!

Architecture & Model Making

High quality and precision laser cutting for architecture practices & students. 

Marketing & Branding

Create custom giveaways, promotional items, and branded objects for your business.

Metal Engraving

Mark a variety of metal surfaces for a personal touch on objects like cocktail shakers and name plates. 

Topography & Contours

Layers upon layers of laser cut wood, museum board, or acrylic make beautiful contours for landscapes.


Create custom stencils for school activities, arts and crafts, street advertising, and graffiti.  

Art & Sculpture

Use laser cutting and 3d printing to experiment and let your creativity run wild.

Signage & Display

Impress your customers with laser cut and engraved signs, menus, and display cases. 

Paper & Card Stock

Make unique business cards, thank you cards, flyers, invitations, tags, posters, etc.  

Mobiles & Tablets

Engrave iPhones, iPads, and other electronics with a logo, image, or text.  One off and large volume.

Fashion & Textiles

Our NYC lab is in the heart of the Garment District.  We work with laser cut fabric and leather every day!

Products & Furniture

Use laser cutting and 3d printing to create prototypes for new product ideas.  Batch production made easy.

Animation & Film

Laser cutting is a great tool for creating sequential frames for stop-motion animations. 

Toys & Games

Sometimes you just have to stop and have some fun!  Make laser cut and 3d printed puzzles and games.

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